As part of their Heritage collection, the Heritage Military watch, which is released this month, is inspired by a 1918 version of the Military Longines Trench watch from the Longines Museum's collection.

32 Longines Heritage Military collection, released this year

Longines-Heritage-Military-original-1918-trench-watch The watch is based on the 1918 watch from the Longines Museum’s collection

The 1918 version was typical of watches worn in the trenches of WWI, which were somewhere in between a pocket and a wristwatch, and had the appearance of a smaller pocket watch with thin lugs soldered onto the case. A white porcelain dial with oversized Gothic-font numerals and wire lugs were the typical characteristics of the Longines trench watches.

The modern homage has a black dial, and is reminiscent of a pilot's watch from the 1920s and 1930s, such as the Longines Heritage 1935.

British military are believed by historians to be the first to wear wristwatches during battle. Commands would be given using times, instead of the formerly used signals. At first watches were only worn by officers, and then later all military personal wore them. As they returned home, veterans continued to sport wristwatches, silencing the idea that wearing a wristwatch was effeminate and before long the wristwatch fashion swept across Britain.

A rare Gentlemen's Military Longines Tre Tracche watch, A rare Gentlemen's Military Longines Tre Tracche watch

IMG_5329 IMG_5325

A Gentlemen's Military Longines stainless steel watch circa 1940s A Gentlemen's Military Longines stainless steel watch circa 1940s

WW1 Longines trench watch WW1 Longines trench watch

officerskit2 Officer's kit list from Captain Charles Basil Lakes' 'Knowledge for war'

In 1916, Captain Charles Basil Lakes' Knowledge for war was published, a handbook for officers on the front line which was based on the War Office Syllabus of training. In the description of the officer's kit, Lake lists a "luminous wristwatch with unbreakable glass".

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