Picasso, Femmes d'Alger, 1955 Image via artnet.com Picasso, Femmes d'Alger, 1955
Image via artnet.com

The piece has a guarantee, it has not been disclosed if Christie's financed the guarantee of whether a third party did.

Les Femmes d'Alger was part of the 1997 Victor and Sally Ganz sale at Christie's. It was purchased $31.9 million by a London dealer.

This work will be included in the ''Looking Forward to the Past'' sale, curated by Loic Gouzer, of Christie's contemporary department, the brains for 2014's ''If I Live I'll See You Tuesday.'' This sale included Christopher Wool which totalled $134.6 million.

Gouzer commented :"In a world where your iPhone is out of fashion in 10 days, everything [Picasso] did still looks so relevant and fresh."

A Rothko abstract with a £40 million estimate, and works by Monet, Egon Schiele and Magritte all be in the sale.