The Paris-based auction house is proving to be a leader in the French art market. In the first half 2015, Tajan was one of the leading auction houses of the year, with a growth of 4.3% compared to the first half of 2014.

On 8th and 9th December, Tajan's president Rodica Seward and his team are proud to present a special sale dedicated to a collection of 20th century art.

The star of the sale is a canvas by Fernand Leger which is estimated at €600 000 and €1 million.

"I hate the discrete painting" Léger once said. In A Flower and a Face Fernand Léger works with the same attention towards each object, background and figure, detail and composition, purpose and character. Here, it is the flower that is the centre of the canvas, surpassing the face shown in the book.

Fernand Léger said about the composition of his paintings: "The object, in the present modern painting should become the main character and overthrow the subject. If then in turn, the character, the figure, the human body becomes. Objects, considerable freedom is offered to the modern artist (...) At this point in the minds of the modern artist, a cloud, a machine, a tree are elements of same interest that the characters or figures."

As well as Leger, the sale will present other masterpieces by Andy Warhol, Henri Rousseau, Man Ray, Joan Miró, Félix Vallotton and Christo.

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