Electric Dreams is a science fiction anthology series with stand-alone episodes based on the works of American writer Philip K. Dick (1928-1982). The show hit the silver screen in 2017 with ten hour-long episodes. Fans immediately took to the series, which consequently went on to earn two Primetime Emmy award nominations as well as six other nominations. The series boasts stars such as Bryan Cranston, Vera Farmiga, Greg Kinnear, Janelle Monáe, Terrence Howard, Anna Paquin, Juno Temple and Liam Cunningham.

If you’re a fan of the series and want to own a part of the merchandise, now’s your chance. Props from the show are up for grabs at Prop Store, with bidding taking place from 10-24 October.

The Electric Dreams sale includes a huge variety of props and costumes, including a backpack and medical bag, stunt razors, glasses, watches, car seats, menus, wallets, futuristic devices (including a clone incubation chamber), blueprints, magazines, and so much more.

Silas (played by Bryan Cranston) wore his teal uniform for most of the episode ‘Human Is’ (episode 1.6). It comprises a military jacket (marked ‘for Bryan Cranston) and trousers (marked ‘for Bryan Cranston’), pin, medal (with a magnet which attaches to the right breast of the jacket) and shoes (size EUR 43). The outfit remains in good condition, perfect for if you want to roam around the house in mock Silas glory, or display it as a collectible good.

Electric Dreams’ ‘Autofac’ episode (episode 1.8) tends to be the favourite among fans, with the highest rating on Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

In it, society has collapsed and an automatic factory operates according to the principles of consumerism. Humans consume to be happy and, in order to consume without pause, they must be denied free will. Soon, a small band of rebels decide to shut down the factory.

American singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe features in the episode as Alice, leader of Autofac and in charge of running the automatic factory. The outfit she wore during the scene in which she began to help the resistance destroy the building before turning on them – comprising a bodysuit, made of vinyl and metal, latex pants, and headpiece – is up for sale as one lot.

Sarah, as played by Anna Paquin in ‘Real Life’ (episode 1.5), went through quite the ordeal in her journey. At one point she was knocked unconscious and at another was in a comatose state.

Props and memories from her ordeal are up for grabs. These include the ‘Dream Imaging Wires’ (which she wore while in a coma after her last vacation disk journey), which includes six wires, and the ‘Medical Bed’ which she laid in after being knocked unconscious by Colin’s Henchmen.

The Electric Dreams finale ‘Kill All Others’ (episode 1.10) follows a politician, played by Vera Farmiga, making a shocking statement encouraging violence. When one character dares to question the situation, he becomes an instant target.

The terrifying costume worn by the equally terrifying politician, ‘The Candidate’, during her debate against her opposite on National Television, can now become a part of your wardrobe. It includes a shirt (with an original production tag), jacket, trousers, neck clothes, neck cloths and belt.

None of these props or costumes intrigue you? Not to worry, there are hundreds more items from your favourite characters and episodes up for grabs on Prop Store. Bidding closes on 24 October.

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