Whether you are looking to enrich your pen collection or to browse through rare books, Durán’s April auction a treasure trove. The sale will be held in Madrid and online on Wednesday, 25 April at 6pm.

Durán Arte y Subastas is Spain’s oldest auction house, funded in 1969. It has a proven track record of putting forward a great variety of pieces, all carefully selected by its specialist. The April sale is a great example of the sheer range of objects available.

If you are hunting for a bargain, this sale definitely has to be marked on you calendar, as prices start as low as £10 for an illustrated book by major Spanish writer Concha Espina. But then again, there is also a £41,100 7.13ct diamond up for grabs… Did you say eclectic?

Many paintings are featured in the sales catalogue. Make sure not to miss Teresa de Blumenstiel’s portrait by Raimundo de Madrazo, one of the most interesting pieces of the sale. This late 19th century portrait has a sound provenance history and is estimated at £13,800.

What if you are looking for rare furniture? You are just where you need to be! A Luis Felipe Secrétaire is a sure pick. In typical Spanish style, it is constructed out of walnut, with beautiful shading. It might require some renovation work, but with a starting price at £520, it’s a bargain.

And there are still 813 other objects to discover… Get on board Durán’s auction with Barnebys!