Modern Classic or just Classic Car? 

The difference between classic cars and so-called modern classics - as suspected - depends on age. In the UK there is no exact definition. However, there are two taxation issues being used by some people to set a date. Cars built before January 1st, 1977 are exempted from paying the annual road tax vehicle excise duty which qualifies the car as a "historic vehicle". On the other hand, if a car is over 15 years old and has a value in excess of £15,000, it would be defined as a classic car for company taxation purposes by HM Revenue and Customs.

A modern classic, or youngtimer as the Germans call them, are cars that have not yet become "old timer" classic cars. In the UK most insurance companies define a modern classic as a vehicle considered as collectable no matter the age. Things such as usage in terms of limitations or restrictions on mileage can also be a factor in defining a modern classic.

The Michelin Man

The Michelin Man is definitely a big figure in the vintage car world with his 120 years as frontman for the French tire manufacturer. The founder, Édouard Michelin, came up with the idea of the little, chubby mascot as he noticed a stack of tires covered in white cloth - with a very human trait - at the World’s Fair in Lyin in 1894.

The real name of the Michelin Man is derived from the Latin toast "Nunc est Bibendum" which means "now is the time to drink" which really does not makes sense when you first think about it. However, on the posters and billboards, "Nunc est Bibendum!" was followed by "That is to say, to your health. The Michelin tire drinks up obstacles," meaning Michelin tires easily take on road hazards.

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