For some, minerals are a reminder of trips to the countryside or the mountain, a child’s collection of nice rocks. For others, collecting minerals is a serious business, with opportunities for bargains and investments. Catawiki’s sale that ended on 22 April could appeal to both, with estimates ranging from a few dozens of pounds to £17,000!

Catawiki is an online platform created in 2008 in the Netherlands. Over 50,000 lots are featured on the website each week, in auctions curated by 200 experts. Catawiki caters to just about every collector, from the high-end like antique cars and jewellery, to toys and coins. And of course art!

Some of the most unusual items on sale on the platform may well be minerals. Coming from the depths of the earth and sea or specifically mined, minerals are both aesthetically pleasing and, some say, magical… They come in all shapes and forms; uncut or carved, meaning there is much variety available for the curious collector.

While the star of the sale, a 17 cm Multi-Coloured Elbaite Tourmaline Crystal estimated at £17,000 did not meet its reserve price and was not sold, a few beautiful lots were acquired by mineral lovers. We can only marvel at the Aquamarine Crystals Bunch with Fluorite & Muscovite Mica that was acquired for £1,400. Weighing a respectable 13 pounds, this specimen dazzles with its transparency and gemmy character.

Sad you missed your chance? All is not lost, as Catawiki holds minerals auctions every week!

Are you sitting on a gem at home? Sell it with Catawiki! Follow this link to find out more about how it works.