Catawiki’s exclusive vintage car auctions have always been among the most popular categories of the Dutch online auction house, which are appreciated by collectors and lovers of rare historic vehicles alike.  In order to continue to guarantee and even improve the high level of the cars on offer, Catawiki will only be offering its exclusive classic car auctions every two weeks. This will give the expert team of Catawiki ample time to look for the rarest and most sought-after vehicles.

One of those special vehicles offered in Catawiki's current Exclusive Classic Car Auction is the extraordinary 1967 Amphicar 770 Cabriolet.

The Amphicar 770 is an invention of the German automobile designer Hans Trippel. Between 1961 and 1968, only 4,000 pieces of the amphibious vehicle were produced, which, equipped with 4 cylinder engine and propeller drive, cuts a fine figure both on land and on water and is a real eye-catcher!

[youtube id="pwn3VqXDoLI"]

The purchase of an old and used vehicle is usually a matter of the heart for collectors and enthusiasts. Nevertheless, one should not lose sight of the risks that such a purchase can bring. For this reason, Catawiki has always recommended bidders in their exclusive classic car auctions to visit the coveted vehicle in advance of the bid.

In order to provide even more transparency, Catawiki has expanded its service and offers its buyers the opportunity to receive an inspection report on the corresponding car. An estimate of the expected transport costs can also be issued in the future. The two new services are currently only available to buyers in the Netherlands but are expected to be extended to key markets in the EU soon.

Of course, the experts and team of Catawiki's Trust & Customer Services will be available to all customers before and after the auction.

Catawiki's current exclusive Exclusive Oldtimer Auction is from the 1950s and has been so beautifully cared for and maintained by its previous owners that all are now available in very good condition. First, a Jaguar XK140 from 1954, which is considered the most balanced model of the XK series of the British manufacturer, on the other a Riley RMC Roadster of 1950. From the elegant convertible in the style of the 1930s, only 507 copies were built, in just 192 of them will find the steering wheel on the left side. The present vehicle is one of them - what a rare opportunity!

When a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith of 1950 is also on offer, everything is just right! Its body comes from the famous coachbuilder James Young, its top condition was only renewed 10 years ago by a restoration at the famous Dutch restoration company Noble House in the amount of 200,000 euros extended. A worthwhile investment, because, as Henry Royce once said: "The quality remains when the price is long forgotten."

In the second half of 2018, Catawiki will be present at all major vintage car shows and galas in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and France, and participate in roundtables and conferences with its respective partners (magazines, collectors' clubs, and museums) and launch special auctions.

The top buyers and sellers from Catawiki's Exclusive Oldtimer Auctions are cordially invited to these events, where they can take part in exclusive tours, consult services or even have personal discussions with Catawiki's experts.

Even in the field of racing cars, Catawiki has some exclusive features to offer. The online auction house is sponsoring various motorsport events: in Imola in April, Assen in the Netherlands in August, in September at the Nürburgring and this weekend (22-24 June) in Spa, Belgium. The drivers, who are fully sponsored by Catawiki, can look forward to some special surprises during the awards ceremonies.

The top buyers and sellers of Catawiki, of course, are also invited to these events! Or how does a paddock tour with an exclusive view behind the scenes sound?

Catawiki's racing car expert team has also been looking for the highlights of racing for the current auction and found a special model including a 1975 Ford Escort Cosworth RS MK2 Gr 2 (Terzi).

Another jewel of the auction is a Fiat Nuova 500 Sport Coupe "tetto metallico" from 1959. Of this model designed by Fiat as a racing car version of the Cinquecento, only very few are still available worldwide and only 8 are still in circulation!

All presented classic cars are offered in Catawiki's current exclusive classic car auction, for which 56 classic cars can be bid for until the evening of 30 June. How easy it is to bid on Catawiki, find out here.

You can get an overview of Catawiki's entire current offer here.