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Has Salvator Mundi Been Found?

After Salvator Mundi sold at Christie's in 2017 for $450 million (£353 mil), the world's most expensive painting disappeared without explanation. Now, a journalist has received crucial information about its current location...

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Flower Power

Torn between figuration and abstraction, and famous for her huge and notoriously ambiguous flowers, Georgia O’Keeffe is a founding figure of modernism in 20th-century American painting. While her works keep beating records in the United States, the artist, who died in 1986 in New Mexico at the age of 98 years, has since been rediscovered in Europe, 'revisited' as an authentic face of America.

The May of Monet

Nine paintings by Impressionist master Claude Monet head to auction this month, including depictions of his famous Haystacks and Giverny's Japanese bridge, that could bring in a total of £100 million.

A Picasso in a Barn

The Fondation Beyeler, in collaboration with Swisscom, launched the #myprivatepicasso contest last month and the lucky winner displayed Picasso's 'Bust of a Woman with a Hat (Dora)' in his barn!

Gustav Klimt: Artist of Emotion and Eroticism

Controversial for his time and yet undoubtedly a recognised genius, Gustav Klimt is today considered one of the most significant artists of the 20th century and a noteworthy figure of early modernism. Famous for grappling with subjects of the human psyche through his fleshy depictions of the female form, his work transcends planal reality and yet evokes a sense of raw humanity and emotion in its most vulnerable state.

Old Masters Shine

Upcoming auctions are dedicated to the artwork of Old Masters, 19th-century paintings, brilliant jewellery and extraordinary antiques.

The Triumphant Tintoretto

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC is hosting North America's first large-scale retrospective of the Venetian Renaissance master in celebration of the 500th anniversary of his birth.

Spend a Night with the Mona Lisa

Airbnb has partnered with the Louvre to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the famous Glass Pyramid and for the occasion, one lucky winner will spend a night at the museum among priceless artworks like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.