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Six of the Best

An exciting mix of items is going under the hammer in Spain, but it’s the art we’re interested in: we’ve selected six of our favourites to highlight.

Art as a Weapon Against the Regime

Antoni Tàpies is known for having introduced abstract painting in Spain with his deeply symbolic, impasto works. But did you know Tàpies also studied law? Here are five things you might not already know about the Catalan artist.

The 14 Most Expensive Female Artists

While no woman is on the list of the all-time most expensive artists at auction – yet – works by female artists are more in demand and achieving higher prices at auction than ever before. Here are the 14 priciest female artists.

The Art World’s Best Kept Secret

Street art: where did it come from and where is it going? While an increasing number of art dealers can count themselves as millionaires of street art, the artists themselves continue to give their own cities art and public decoration without asking for anything in return.

The History of Notre Dame

On 15 April, a fire broke out at Notre-Dame in Paris, leading to the destruction of its roof and spire. Here we look back on the rich history and architectural details of the 12th-century Gothic cathedral which has become a symbol of France.