Born in 1889, he trained at the Copenhagen Academy of Art where he experimented first with woodcuts and painting and, after winning silver medal for his porcelain designs at the 1925 Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, he settled on ceramics as his favoured medium.

51148_20160504020417_0 Axel Salto Bowl. Pre Royal Copenhagen. 10X13 inches Sent to the valuation service

There are 3 reoccurring motifs that are characteristic of his ceramic work and the vase sent to us is an example of a 'budding' vase, clearly mimicking seed and pod forms found in nature.

This vase was sold at Philips auction house for £87 650 in 2012. Not only does it illustrate the 'sprouting' motif, covered with organic growing tendrils - it is evidence of the moment Scandinavian decorative arts became highly desirable fine art.

false-17 Axel Johann Salto Vase in the 'sprouting' style, 1965 Stoneware, Sung glaze. Produced by Royal Copenhagen, Denmark. Crown and 'ROYAL COPENHAGEN DENMARK' stamp in green under the glaze with painted blue wave mark and '20810', incised in the body 'SALTO'. Estimate £8 000 - 12 000 Sold for £32 450 at Phillips Nordic Design sale on 27th September 2012

The last of these distinct styles, is the 'fluted' pattern which can be seen in this dish. Delicate lines incise the edges and it is finished with a glaze inspired by Chinese potters of the Sung dynasty (A.D. 960-1280.)

MD20140311024_HERO_l Very Large Stoneware Bowl by Axel Salto Denmark 1941 This massive bowl was made by Axel Salto in 1941, with his characteristic diagonally fluted decoration, covered by a gorgeous Sung-inspired glaze. Photographs do not adequately convey the presence that this piece has, in even a large room. Signed "Salto", "1941", "Royal Copenhagen".

Salto worked for Royal Copenhagen in 1933 to 1950. The vase sent to Barnebys does not come with this manufacturer stamp, however, so we can guess this vase is dated from before that time.
Using only the images provided, Leslie Hindman Fine Art Auctioneers' Furniture and Decorative Arts' specialist Cassia Baker, estimated the vase at $1 000-2 000.

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