Yes, the world famous German supermodel who has graced the cover of Vogue and taken to the catwalk for the world's biggest fashion houses has a fascination with all things creepy and crawly.

As a child, Schiffer was enchanted by the dew and rain that fell and collected on cobwebs. Her adoration for spiders, nature's knitters, led to Schiffer's house becoming a museum for all things arachnid. And insects too.

Inside Claudia Schiffer's Tudor Mansion, England Inside Claudia Schiffer's Tudor Mansion, England

Beetles and butterflies adorn the walls of Claudia's house. Claudia's bookshelves are filled with encyclopaedias on insects. Every article in Schiffer's house has been exhibited with care, the collection is a mini-beast museum.

And the focal point of the museum? A colossal work of art, composed of a legion of insect bodies, takes centre stage in Schiffer's living room.

Schiffer's own clothing line continues her love for the little things, all her knitted apparel features a spider logo that the model designed herself.

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