Queen Elizabeth's great great grandmother Victoria's reign had a great impact on the moral ideals of the British people. When Victoria was crowned on 28th June, 1838, the United Kingdom was already ruled under an established constitutional monarchy, with the sovereign holding little direct political power.

However, Queen Victoria's ideologies on public morality was incredibly influential over the British people, making her a national icon. Her ethics in terms of mourning, family and how the world perceived the British people permeated the lives of everyone under her rule.

Over 400 000 came to Westminster Abbey for Victoria's coronation celebrations. Victoria also made history by becoming the first sovereign to take up residence at Buckingham Palace.

1840 British India Silver Rupee 1840 British India Silver Rupee

It's no surprise that coins with Victoria's head are incredibly collectable. During her reign, Victoria's portrait was on coins both in Blighty and across shores. The Young Head designed by William Wyon graced most of Queen Victoria's coinage up until 1887. In 1887, Joseph Boehm was commissioned to produce a new portrait of Queen Victoria to mark her Golden Jubilee. Finally, in 1893, the Jubilee Head design replaced by Thomas Brock's 'Old Head' or 'Veiled Head.'

An example of a Queen Victoria Shield half sovereign An example of a Queen Victoria Shield half sovereign

JS Fine Art's 1800-lot strong sale this week, features a Queen Victoria Shield half sovereign. This rare coin depicts the young Queen Victoria on one side, with the reverse bearing a quartered shield design.

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