1995 marked the release of the film version of Chris van Allsburg’s book Jumanji, a story about two children who play a board game and free a man imprisoned within (played by Robin Williams). In 2017, a sequel to the adventure was released, directed by Jake Kasdan. This time, four high-school students, Spencer, Fridge, Bethany and Martha, are sucked up by an old video game into a mysterious jungle where they come up against a host of dangers. Their goal is to finish the game or else stay stuck inside.

Spencer/Dr. Smolder Bravestone's Boomerang Lot #222. Spencer/Dr. Smolder Bravestone's Boomerang. Courtesy Prop Store

Fans of the film can now buy the gear worn by the cast of heroes: Spencer played by (the ever handsome and muscly) Dwayne Johnson, the formidable Martha played by Karen Gillan, the larger-than-life Professor Oberon – Bethany’s avatar – played by Jack Black, or else Kevin Hart’s character Mouse, the avatar of Fridge.

Martha/Ruby Roundhouse's In-Game Costume Lot #4. Martha/Ruby Roundhouse's In-Game Costume. Courtesy Prop Store

Moving on from the film’s well-stocked wardrobe – it’s in this section that the lots are the most numerous – accessories are also up for sale, including a range of weapons. Bear in mind that Jumanji is an adventure film with a number of fight scenes. Fans have the chance to get their hands on the axes wielded by the Dragons, the basket from which an impressive snake emerged, the gas tank used by character Nigel Billingsley (played by Rhys Darby), the collection of Nintendo games belonging to young Spencer (played by Alex Wolff), and even includes the Jaguar’s eye.

Destroyed Jumanji Game Console Lot #203. Destroyed Jumanji Game Console. Courtesy Prop Store

Lots galore for reliving the adventure… more or less hands on!

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