The ''Charlie Hebdo Portable Pavilion'' has been devised by Bee Breeders of Hong Kong who focus on architectural competitions. Eva Connell commented on behalf of the firm: "While the pavilion is meant to be temporary, entries will be judged on their ability to leave enduring social and political footprints."

Those wishing to take part in the initiative will need to create a piece which "can be directly influenced by Charlie Hebdo cartoons, or can be more symbolic and globally representative when participants think more about the concept of the freedom of speech in general,'' says Connell.

Charlie Hebdo has agreed for the competition to go ahead, but as of yet they are not involved in the process.

Participants must pay a registration fee of £80 for companies and £70 for students. Three proposals will be chosen as winners, which will be announced on 6th April. The winners are to be judged by architect Audrey McKee and University of Texas lecturer Jenna Dezinski. The first place winner will receive a £4 000 prize.