Who mixes nature and technique better than the Scandinavian designers? No one, that’s who – and Artcurial’s Scandinavian Design Sale on 29 May is here to prove it. Two Finnish legends, Paavo Tynell and Alvar Aalto will share the stage with a renowned Danish creator, Poul Kjærholm.

Alvar Aalto Alvar Aalto. Courtesy Artek.

Alvar Aalto is currently honoured in Paris by a solo exhibition at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, and he is also the star of the sale. In 1936, Aalto won a competition of tableware and glass objects for the Universal Exhibition of Paris of the following year. His dashing technique is showcased by a rare wood vase mould, produced by glassware manufacturer Karhula-Iittala. It could become yours on 29 May, with a starting estimate of £26,000 (€30,000).

Vasre mould 9473, Alvar Aalto Vasre mould 9473, Alvar Aalto. Courtesy Artcurial.

Paavo Tynell is the undisputed master of Finnish light. His pieces, usually made of brass and bronze, always relate to nature, giving the light a warm and golden glow. He also collaborated with Aalto! One of his rare Snowball suspension luminaires will be presented at the auction, carrying an estimate of £52,000-1,000 (€60,000-80,000).

Snowball suspension (c.1950), Paavo Tynell Snowball suspension (c.1950), Paavo Tynell. Courtesy Artcurial.

Closing the sale is Danish furniture designer Poul Kjærholm. A carpenter by trade, he developed an architectural vision catered towards a new interior in the 1950s-1980s. Artcurial will be offering a set of twelve nickel steel chairs that will delight collectors (between €40,000 and €60,000 or £35,000 to £52,000).

Twelve PK9 chairs (1961), Poul Kjærholm Twelve PK9 chairs (1961), Poul Kjærholm. Courtesy Artcurial.

Sobriety, technical mastery and nature-led design: these creations are guaranteed to add a touch of class to any 21st century home.

Academy cabinet (1955), Poul Kjærholm Academy cabinet (1955), Poul Kjærholm. Courtesy Artcurial.

Artcurial’s Scandinavian Design Sale is available on Barnebys. Don’t miss it!