Liberty became a trend-setter, the stock was known for its innovative design and style. Alongside new pieces, the store also sold antiques, including Eastern Art such as Japanese bronzes, Chinese jade and more.

liberty-at-christmas Liberty store in Regents Street today
Image via Liberty

about-6 Image via Liberty

In 1927, with the update of the new 'Tudor' building, the store began to feature Stuart, Jacobean and Georgian furniture. Now, the items which were newly created by Liberty have become highly sought after antiques. Think Liberty, and you have Arts & Crafts furniture, Cymric silver and Tudric pewter designed by Archibald Knox, jewellery, Clutha glass and Cordofan candlesticks designed by Christopher Dresser and the ceramic works by William Moorcroft and CH Brannam.

about-4 Image via Liberty

Image via Liberty Image via Liberty

Fellows Silver sale on 21st September includes Liberty & Co. pieces such as a Liberty & Co. silver Cymric mantel clock and a pair of Edwardian silver napkin rings by William Hair Haseler.

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54288.001_1 Pair of Liberty & Co English Pewter three-legged conical bowls
Peter Wilson

3110 A Liberty & Co 'Tudric' pewter mantel timepiece, designed by Archibald Knox, circa 1902-1905

3035 An Edwardian Arts and Crafts mahogany side chair, possibly by Liberty & Co

87276-65 A Liberty & Co silver Cymric mantel clock

87868-166 A pair of Edwardian silver napkin rings by William Hair Haseler for Liberty & Co.

88680-1 Two scarves. To include a Grand National commemorative scarf, celebrating the 1958 winner 'Mr What' and further winners dating back to 1839, together with a polyester scarf with a printed image depicting the face of Jimmy Hendrix superimposed over the face of the Statue of Liberty surrounded by a flock of doves

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