The first Dior watch, released back in 1975, was the ''Black Moon." The piece was an example of how simple design can be the most chic. The design concept would go on to inspire Dior's future watch collections.

Inspired by the curves of the ''Black Moon'', fifteen years later, in 1990, Dior launched the ''Bagheera'' collection. The name, ''Bagheera'', is also the name of the black panther in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book series. Perhaps the sleek design of this watch was inspired by the elegance of this creature.

In 1995, the "La Parisienne" watch was released. This time, the fashion house had designed a square-shaped piece - an edgier offering to the market.

Following the "La Parisienne" a new era dawned for Dior's watch collection, the face shapes and strap designs became all the more funky. In 2000, the ''Malice'' was launched, which featured a strap designed with interlocking 'CD' shapes, and the ''Riva'', an update of the "La Parisienne."

The following year, with John Galliano at the helm, the designer launched a collection of watches for Dior in 2001. The first was the "Chris 47 Aluminum," a contemporary shaped piece, sparking a new style for Dior watch design.

The "Malice" and "Riva" watches were redesigned with precious stones to create the "Malice Sparkling" and "Riva Sparkling", a spin-off of the original designs.

In 2002, the Spring-Summer Ready-to-Wear collection, a powerful selection of designs which toyed with what it meant to be 'feminine' by slashing floral designs and blurring the lines between male and female silhouettes. These runway designs served as inspiration for the "Dior 66" watch, an incredibly slim and not ''traditionally feminine'' piece.

With Dior's watch collection going from strength to strength, the designer of Dior Fine Jewelry Victoire de Castellane launched her own watch named "Le D de Dior" ("The D of Dior.") Its design echoed the elegance of the 1975 ''Black Moon", curved, simple and allowing Dior's status do all the talking.

Like the "Dior 66", the "Le D de Dior" was designed for women but played with masculine traditions, with the Dior Homme "Chiffre Rouge" watch released at the same time.

In 2005, Galliano launched the "Dior Christal" watches, which once again featured a masculine shape with feminine details in the form of combining steel with sapphires. The same year, the "Chiffre Rouge" collection was honoured at the World Watches and Jewelry Show in Basel, Switzerland. A stellar year for Dior as it was also the 100th anniversary of the birthday of designer Christian Dior.

For this year's Baselworld, Dior have launched the Dior VIII Grand Bal Plissé Ruban, marking the date 8th October 1946, when Christian Dior created the couture house. His first collection was baptised "En Huit"; like the 8th arrondissement in Paris.

The watches featured in the gallery above will be part of John Pye's sale on 20th April, 2017.