S|2, Sotheby's Contemporary art gallery, has teamed up with Grammy award-winning man of the moment, Drake. The S|2 gallery has worked with such artists as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Yayoi Kusama.

I Like It Like This: S|2 x Drake, will run from 23rd-25th May. It embraces the fluid relationship between contemporary black culture in America in the arts including music, literature, dance and visual art.

Music has always had a place portraying the black American experience, from the roaring birth of Jazz in the 1920s to the poetics of rap music. Jean-Michel Basquiat was noted for using motifs from the Jazz-era in his artworks.

It has now become a trend for giants of rap to commission artists to design their album covers, and vice versa artists turn to contemporary music as a source of inspiration.

Jay Z's Picasso Baby with reference to ''Christie's with my missy'' Jeff Koons and the MoMa, is a perfect amalgamation of how the two art forms are now interlinked more than ever.

Check out Jay Z's performance piece here [youtube id="vrVvZ7ZnJv4"]

Drake's collaboration with S|2 celebrates influential Contemporary black American artists. Songs have been carefully selected to compliment the works at the exhibition. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Terry Adkins, Mark Bradford and many others will be showcased.

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