The museum-like quality of the fair is first of all the result of the professional efforts of the art and antique dealers. In order to stress that undeniable quality and as requested by the art and antique fair, upon request, every participant will give the buyer a certificate that proves that the objects are genuine. This is done according to the common standards and including possible changes that were made by a team of independent and certified experts. Every year, the fair is also visited by numerous museum curators.

Art Nocturne Knocke is first and foremost a trade fair that targets all levels of the art-loving society. Seasoned collectors and art experts, as well as passionate art lovers can find something for their taste at the fair. Just as during previous editions, there will be a wide variety of various objects at the 39th edition of Art Nocturne Knocke.

There are over 50 stands at two locations: CC Scharpoord and at Hotel La Réserve: antiques, modern and contemporary art, jewellery design and decoration. Art Nocturne Knocke introduces furniture from the Netherlands, England, France, Italy and Flanders, and this from the haute époque up to the art nouveau and art deco era, whilst modern and contemporary design also gets its place.

There are statues form the Middle Ages to present day and dazzling jewels, silver and glass collections are on offer. With regards to paintings, the art lover at the fair is presented with an overview covering centuries, starting with the Old Masters and ending with the current masters. Lovers and collectors of more exotic objects can also find their fancy. Old drawings remain much wanted, which is also the case for oriental art. In brief, objects that you as a motivated visitor will have interest in, you will certainly find them at the fair.

Together with the exhibitors and the organisers, Art Nocturne Knocke wants to introduce a refreshing change to the Belgian art and antique market. Notable for the 39th edition of Art Nocturne Knocke is also the leading level of gallery owners of Contemporary and Modern Art. Art Nocturne Knocke will also be taking to the streets with the sculpture walk entitled 'Sculpture Link Knokke-Heist.' The monumental sculptures will show visitors the way along the Zeedijk (boardwalk) from Het Zoute and Heist West, passing along Hotel La Réserve and skirting the Zegemeer Lake towards the Scharpoord Cultural Centre.


39th International Arts & Antiques Fair

9 – 17 August 2014

From 4pm to 9pm CC Scharpoord & Hotel La Réserve

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