Image via Wilton's Frances Ruffelle as Barbara Hepworth
Image via Wilton's

Tony award winner Frances Ruffelle will play Hepworth alongside Andrew C. Wadsworth as Henry Moore. The musical tells the story of how the  two sculptors met at the Royal Academy of Art. The narrative of the play is fictional, with some parts inspired by true events, with a few singing sculptures, naturally.

Image via Wilton's Image via Wilton's

This is the second of three parts, which Brimful and Herbert wrote after delving into the archives at the Henry Moore Institute and the Hepworth Museum. The musical brings together "documentary" footage, ballads and a chorus line to tell the story of these British masters of Modernism.

Springtime for Henry (and Barbara.) will be at Wilton's Music Hall, E1 8JB, from 26th January to 27th January, 2016. For more information, see here.