2015's exhibitors include a strong and diverse selection of Canadian and international galleries. As well as the wealth of exhibitors, the event offers a programme of cultural and museum partners, art publications, and curated projects.

New York-based architect James Khamsi of FIRM a.d. and designer Wayne Swadron have created a new innovative redesign of the fair.

A real highlight of the event is FOCUS: LATIN AMERICA, a curated section of the fair highlighting galleries and projects from across Mexico and South America. The curatorial project is the brain-child of Mexico City and Berlin-based independent curator Abaseh Mirvali. In 2015, Mirvali curated the first exhibitions in Latin America of the Turner Prize winner, artist Simon Starling, presented in the Luis Barragán House and Studio, and the Experimental Museum, El Eco, in Mexico City. Artists featured in the highly anticipated FOCUS: LATIN AMERICA includes works by Eduardo Basualdo, Matías Duville, Max Gómez Canle, and Catalina León all of Argentina, Colombian Mateo López and Mexican Milena Muzquiz.

focus-la Peggy Ahwesh, Max Gomez Canle, Las Oscuridades, 2013

Mirvali said of the artists in the project: "Inheriting the artistic concerns of the second half of the twentieth century, where artists began to challenge the integrity of the two-dimensional work of art, the traditional painting on canvas, and its frame, the selected artists for this presentation explore the limits of traditional disciplines such as painting, sculpture, drawing, to go beyond them. They take the concept and experiment with the physical nature of the canvas, the frame, the paint and other materials and in doing so challenge the viewer to negotiate a new relationship with the works.

Art Toronto will run from 23-26 October 2015. For more information, see here.