Digital Camera Asser Saint-Val, Blair Ericson, "The Banshee Chapter" / Vigh, B., 1977. "
Comparative Ultra Structure Cerebrospinal Fluid Contacting Neurons an Pinealocytes," Cell Tissue Research, 183, 541-552 ( I )
Mixed media on wood, acrylic, coffee, tea bags, flour, plaster, shoe polish, and kinetic motion (2014)

In the lead up to Miami Basel, workshops and special events will be organised throughout the year to support the careers of local and regional artists. Following the success of the debut fair in 2014, PRIZM invite the public to contribute to the fair and The Miami Center for Architecture & Design in Downtown, which is home to the American Institute of Architects Miami Chapter.

Bronze Buoy Christopher Carter, Bronze Buoy
Reclaimed Mahogany, Tug boat rope, Bronze

You can donate here, get tickets for the PRIZM Panels event here and the VIP preview for PRIZM here.