The new space has been designed by Thomas Croft Architects and the launch will coincide with Frieze Masters.

unnamed-21 Cindy Sherman, Untitled #216, 1989, chromogenic colour print, 95 x 64 in. (241.3 x 162.6 cm.) © Cindy Sherman Courtesy of Skarstedt

Skarstedt was founded in 1994 by Per Skarstedt to display historical exhibitions by contemporary European and American artists that had become the core of his collections in Sweden and New York in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Lampwick's Dilemma, 1989oil and acrylic on canvas94 x 136 inches David Salle, Lampwick's Dilemma, 1989, acrylic and oil on canvas, 94 x 136 in. (239 x 345.5 cm.) © David Salle Courtesy of Skarstedt

Dominant figures in contemporary art, both Cindy Sherman and David Salle were key in the influential 'Pictures Generation' New York art movement of the mid 1970's and 1980s. Emerging onto the art scene during this media-dominated era, both Sherman and Salle, like many of their contemporaries, drew upon existing imagery as an inspiration for their own richly layered work.

In this unique body of work, Salle uses art historical references and genres through his incorporation of decorative imagery of furniture, painted images of African masks and Giacometti sculptures, among others.

unnamed-20 Cindy Sherman, Untitled #203, 1989, chromogenic colour print, 52 ¾ x 38 3/8 in. (134 x 97.5 cm.) © Cindy Sherman Courtesy of Skarstedt

Cindy Sherman's History Portraits take their inspiration from noble historical paintings from the renaissance, baroque, rococo and neo-classical periods. Inspired directly by painted portraits by Raphael, Caravaggio, Ingres and Rubens among others, Sherman uses a range of props and costumes in her classically composed images to play up to the clichés of subjective portraiture.

unnamed-23 David Salle, Young Krainer, 1989, acrylic and oil on canvas with two inserted panels, 84 x 104 ½ in. (213.4 x 265.4 cm.) © David Salle Courtesy of Skarstedt

Throughout her work, Sherman has assumed the role of both model and creator of her images. Adopting different styles and personas, she plays upon the stereotypes of how women are portrayed in art and the media. Through her use of props and exaggerated prosthetic body parts, Sherman draws attention to the performative aspects of her work, calling into question the validity of these male-attributed gender stereotypes.

History Portraits explores the traditional genre of painting with a multi-layered approach both physically and conceptually. The heavy draped fabrics that form the backdrops of the portraits and the rich, dense coloration of the photographic surface give physical form to her appropriation of this historical genre. In Salle's Tapestry Paintings, the layering of numerous references from across the history of art and design multiplies the number of possible interpretations and offers an alternative notion of authorship.

Cindy Sherman and David Salle: History Portraits and Tapestry Paintings will run at Skarstedt, 8 Bennet St., St James’s, London, SW1A 1RP from 1st October - 26th November 2016. See here for more information.