Allen's career spans from 1960s to present day and he achieved fame as an artist for his satirical works which are influenced by popular culture.

The exhibition is not chronological, instead it has been curated by connecting themes. Allen's infamous 'furniture' works are part of the exhibition as well as vivid canvases, impressive steel sculptures and rare storyboards Jones uses to plan his works.

His notorious hyperrealist sculptures were used in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange as  thought they were a perfect fit for the set design of the film.

3b25e1ee-799d-4629-8f07-a3c93b253478-620x372 Kate Moss & Allen Jones' Body Armour

The image of Kate Moss which has been used to promote the exhibition was taken last year and adorned the cover of POP magazine. The photograph then sold for in excess of £30,000 at Christie's.

In 1986 his 'furniture' sculpture of a woman on all fours as a table and one as a chair with her legs forming the backrest was attacked by a feminist campaigner with paint stripper.

AJ Allen Jones, 'Furniture' Series

The artist has divided critics during his career, with some arguing his work lacks depth and is style over substance whilst others argue in support of his view that he is a feminist who works with the female form.

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