Barnebys attended the opening of the exhibit, which was held in a relaxed and contemporary space, a fitting setting for these two rising starts on the London art scene.


Hamson and Swann met on a Masters Degree in Art Business at Sotheby's Institute of Art, London. It was the first time the pair have collaborated and exhibited their work together.


Their pieces perfectly compliment each other's, Swann's oil, charcoal, acrylic and Indian powder paint abstract sensations worked well beside Hamson's collage and paint pieces of which the subject is often the female form presented in a Disney-style.


Swann's influence derives from Indigenous painting in Australia and the lively colours from her mother's Caribbean upbringing on the Dutch-Antilles Island Curacao.



When asked on how she developed her abstract from, Swann commented: "There is an art world obsession with words as to what a painting should be about; it should speak for itself. My paintings are derived from memories, I just paint pictures of nostalgic situations, I do not set out to reduce them to an abstract form, however central to all my works is the manipulation of my material; all the colours and paint have some sort of meaning to me. Despite appearances subject matter is actually essential for me, because without that subject matter there would be no picture. I never try to overthink and understand what I do.


Candidly, the artist added: ''I try not to think about other peoples reaction to what I do, it is not everyone's cup of tea and it is very hard to control what people think."

The exhibition is not one to be missed, as both are sure to be popular names in the art world in 2015. For more information, see here.

16th-19 December at Nancy Victor Gallery, 6 Charlotte Place, W1T 1SG, London.