The works in the exhibition spans Fontana's entire career, from the Barocchi series, to the Buchi, Aniline, Olii, Pietre and Teatrini. The exhibition begins with Fontana's early terracotta and ceramic works which he created in the 1930s, when he had settled in Europe and was introduced to the Italian Avant-garde.

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By 1940, Fontana fled the war in Europe and returned to his birth-place of Argentina. In 1946 he wrote his Manifesto Blanco. Through slashing the canvas, Fontana liberated the artist from the confines of the canvas. This artistic practice helped to co-found Spatialism.

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In 1981, Roberto Casamonti founded the Tornabuoni Art Gallery in Florence, named after the street the gallery was on. The gallery specialised in Post-War Italian art and has exhibited artists Burri, Castellini and Novecento artists de Chirico, Morandi as well as 20th century Avant-garde artists Picasso, Dubuffet and Basquiat.

Ursula Casamonti, daughter of Robert, has opened Tornabuoni Art London. For more information on the gallery, see here.