Image: David Godfrey Image: David Godfrey

This year's event has the biggest amount of exhibitors the fair has ever seen, with 22 dealers from the UK and Europe.

This year, the fair boasts exhibitors from Brussels including Marcuson & Hall, leading dealers in fibre works and textiles from Asia and Africa and Ritual Gallery who specialise in African works, mainly figures and masks.

From the UK, Raccanello Tribal Art, headed by Marcus Raccanello who is fascinated by Polynesian culture and art, having travelled extensively in New Zealand and Australia, The Cook Islands and sailed from Tahiti to the Tuamotu Islands.

Scotland's Ian Stewart Shaw, a specialist in African art and objects and also from the UK Kenn Mackay Arjmand Aziz, an expert in Indian art history and tribal arts. Arjmand will present a collection of contemporary indigenous Australian art to display alongside older tribal works offered by Kapil Jariwala in a shared space.

Other exhibitors include Adam Ethnographic Art, fair co-organiser Adam Prout's collection of tribal art and artefacts; Siobhan Andresen's American Indian culture objects; Owen Hargreaves & Jasmine Dahl, who specialise in African art and objects which are both practical spiritual.

With a refined number of dealers, this and indeed other niche fairs, can focus on delivering the best fair for their specialist market. Tribal Art London, therefore, succeeds in offering its clientele tribal masks, textiles, jewellery, arms and amour, many of which are museum quality with an excellent provenance.

The fair cleverly takes place just before the opening of Paris’s Parcours Des Mondes, which since 2002 has lead the international scene for tribal art. The placement of Tribal Art London in the calendar ensures that dealers from across Europe, America and elsewhere will be sure to make a stop at the ever-growing London fair on their collecting pilgrimage to Paris.

The leading specialist collectors' publications Tribal Art Magazine, and HALI, the antique textiles, carpets and Islamic art magazine.

Admission to Tribal Art London is free. For more information, see here.