The exhibition takes its title from Rawlings' fascination with words that have not been translated into English. Rawlings new collection focuses on words including Waldeinsamkeit, meaning a feeling of connectedness to nature when in woodland. He explains these ephemeral words are a return to ''the importance of dreaming, to enjoy the simpler moments.'' A far cry from the everyday cacophony of London, the serenity of the exhibition is a great addition to the city's spring arts calendar.

Rawlings' work has been exhibited at both the Battersea and Hampstead edition of the Affordable Art Fair. The show is accompanied by a handmade multi-lingual dictionary of untranslated words, for which Rawlings has illustrated each word with screen prints, wood blocks prints and letter press pages.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 13.22.00 Dan Rawlings Image: Every Act

Untranslated also sees the emergence of a new style of work from Rawlings: cut antique canvases. During the winter months, Rawlings turned to antique canvases to  develop his practice. Having trawled the auction rooms of the UK, Rawlings has specifically chosen canvases that he can ''collaborate'' with, rather than detract from their beauty.

As well as the fascinating exhibition, on 28th May, 12-4pm, Curious Duke Gallery will be holding a metal amnesty, where all unwanted metal will go to Dan Rawlings for future artworks.

Dan Rawlings: Untranslated will be at Curious Duke Gallery until 28th May, 2016. For more information, see here. Search Curious Duke on Barnebys here.