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Pint-sized punk Jordan worked in Westwood/McLaren's King's road shop from 1974-1982 and helped paved the way for London's explosive punk scene.

Jordan, during the era, famously spiked her hair, painted her face in bright colours and wore bondage and fetish gear. Jordan recalled the time she spent at the King's Road Sex boutique:

'As for my fondest memory of working at the shop in Kings Road, it has to be post the court case for indecent exhibition in 1975 when we were being randomly and quite frequently raided by the police and had to hide some stock in the toilet upstairs in the flat next door and every time someone wanted to buy a so called offensive item I had to shoot up the stairs to get one.'

unnamed Lot 222. Jordan's fine and rare Westwood/McLaren 'Anarchy' shirt, 1976. Estimate £5 000-9 000
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'This collection represents the very essence of me and reflects a very rare occurrence - that of two parallel forces coming together to become something unique. I see it now, that these clothes and myself were meant for each other and because of this I regard them as dear old friends that are to be loved and admired. There are so many amazing memories attached to these clothes, such as when I wore the Anarchy shirt on stage at the first ever TV appearance of the Sex Pistols on 'So It Goes', resulting in a huge fight with Granada TV regarding my wearing of the swastika armband.'

unnamed (1) Lot 224. Jordan's Westwood/McLaren SEX Original black leather fetish capelet and
leather skirt, 1975. Estimate £3 000-5 000
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'I wore the leather D-ring pencil skirt and capelet to Andy Warhol's Factory in New York where he took photos of me with some stuffed penguins.'


unnamed (2) Lot 221. Jordan's fine and rare Westwood/McLaren Let It Rock 'Venus' t-shirt, 1975.
Estimate £6 000-10 000
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'But I suppose if I had to reluctantly pick a favourite it would be the Venus top as there is so much of myself in her (the shirt)...the many times I wore her singing with Adam and the Ants, wearing her to the film premier of 'Grease' with the press pleading with me to dance with John Travolta, choosing to wear it backstage with Adam Ant at Live Aid in 1985 (the last time she wore it) and not knowing if the kiss from David Bowie was for me or her. If this shirt could could speak - oh what a story she could tell!'

Jordan hopes that museums and collectors will acquire, display, preserve and appreciate these once controversial garments, which are now highly sought after by museums. Through the clothes we get a glimpse into a very special period of Jordan's life and also arguably one of the most anarchic, influential and ground-breaking periods of fashion of the late 20th century – all so cleverly devised by Westwood and McLaren. In a wonderful twist to the tale, the auction will take place on Jordan's 60th birthday.

Kerry Taylor's Passion for Fashion auction will be held on 23rd June. The collection of Jordan 'High Priestess of Punk' is comprised of lots 221 to 237. Check out the catalogue here.