_g Skirt and jumper, Greta Garbo. Pucci-like pattern in brown, orange and white. Unlabelled.

Today saw the start of the sale, where bidders have 20 stunning pieces to choose from. Greta Garbo, who is considered one of the leading actresses of all time, died in 1990. Julien's Auctions, one of the world's premier auction houses in sports and celebrity memorabilia, previously auctioned Garbo's estate, which will now be on sale at Bukowskis Market.

"I felt it was a once in a lifetime, so I struck. It was actually magic to get close to her person in this way. To bring home her stuff for little Lomma was staggering," says Michael Reimer, who consigned the collection to Bukowskis.

2_g Ski pants, Greta Garbo. Hauser sports. Black lycra

5_g Polo neck. Greta Garbo. Design U.B Greg Land, Scandinave, handmade. Knitted, brown with black stripes.

In addition to the clothes on offer, which includes branded garments from 1950 - 1970's, there will be photographs and books, including one which was signed by Bertil Malmberg.

3_g Kappa Greta Garbo. Saks Fifth Avenue. Mole Colored leather. Yellow "twist-lock".

Paulina Sokolow,Head of Communications at Bukowski, believes that this is a prestigious event for Bukowskis Market. "There is the chance for the Swedes to get close to Garbo objects, which we never got to do," she told SvD.

4_g Playsuit, Greta Garbo. Gisele couture. Cotton. White background with blue stylized flowers.

Greta Garbo was a fairly discreet person when it came to her personal life. In her last years she was completely shielded from the spotlight, therefore this auction offers a rare glimpse into her life.

The auction will begin today, check out the sale here.