For your study, there’s nothing like a solid mahogany Georgian desk from the start of the 20th century with a shaped green leather top. Its nine deep drawers will allow you to tuck away all your accessories. Expect to pay from £400 to 600 for a fine item despite a few defects.

In the bedroom, why not store your sexy underwear or your loose pajamas in this large bombe commode in Louis XV style, crowned with a verde antico marble top? Once again, don’t expect to find the item in perfect condition but at between £400 and 600, it’s still a tempting buy. You can also set it off with a Louis XV style centre table going for only £200 to 300.

For your hallway, this pair of white stone-top console tables on Art Deco gilded wrought-iron legs is a must. You’re looking at between £350 and 500.

In your library, flaunt this Edwardian cabinet in floral style adorned with exotic birds. Despite a few nicks – the work of time – this 1.5-meter-tall item will reserve a warm welcome for your precious books or ornaments (£400 to 600).

For hosting a houseful of guests and allowing them to enjoy your new furniture, what about a fine diner an early 20th century dining table that can be yours for just £200 (170 × 75 cm).

Finally, to add a touch of exoticism to your interior, perhaps these two wooden altar tables in Chinese elm might interest you. In good condition, they’re on offer between £800 and 1,200.

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