In the sale there will be costumes and props from the series which premiered in 1963 and is still running on TV. Among the items are costumes worn by Kirsten Storms and Finola Hughes as well as Carly Corinthos among others. Items of decoration, restaurant menus and a famous mask are some other examples of what can become yours.

The recurring yearly event, the Nurses Ball, has featured gowns since the early 60's. Above is Anna Devane's gown from 2016 and Maxie Jones' from 2015.

Carly Jacks who has been featured on the series since 2005 wore this lacey, blue gown to the 2015 Nurses Ball, in an episode that aired June 6, 2014.

Get your hands on an original production script for the 50th anniversary episode. Signatures featured from the cast include Rebbeca Herbst (Elizabeth), Steve Burton (Jason), Finola Hughes (Anna) and many more.

In his office Luke Spencer, featured from 1978 to 2017, had stuffed dices, an accordion, and a roulette wheel as decor on the series. Why not make your office look like his?

The restaurants, bars and diners over the years has been a few. This menu was used at The Floating Rib, a local bar in Port Charles, formerly known as Jake's.

Duke Lavery was featured on the series from 1986 until 2016 when he passed away after being shot in the stomach. This is the urn used in the series commemorating him.

In an episode aired on October 13, 2013, Anna Devane reveled herself has being masked as Dr. Liesl Obrecht. This is the mask used in the series - why not get a bit of both Anna and Dr. Obrecht?

Want to see what else from GH that could become yours? Check out their sale at Barnebys. 

All items include a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

The auction starts on April 2 and ends on April 13.