On 23 March, for its spring season, Italian house Czerny’s put on sale the vast heritage of the now deceased horse amateur René François. His collection was originally intended for the Musée du Cheval et de l’Éperonnerie d’Art in Beaucaire, South of France.

This horse-riding enthusiast traveled the world during more than three decades to gather the many pieces of his collection now on sale. It traces the equestrian history through more than 1,000 lots. Among the most important lot is a horse harness dating from the 17th century, probably intended for a high character from the French court. The decorative repertoire inspired by marine themes clearly refers to the fountains of the Palace of Versailles. One can imagine that it was intended for a royal ceremony, hence its starting bid of €20,000.

The next day, Czerny’s continues with a sale entirely dedicated to weapons and armours. The 1,000+ ensemble composes a world history of the specialty, with pieces from any era originating from Russia, China, Japan… Collectors will appreciate this Do-Maru (Japan) armour reserved for foot combat in mountainous areas. Lighter and simpler, it was carried by infantry troops and allowed to better move. With a starting bid at €60,000, this model presents several interesting elements such as the Tehen-kanamono, divided into four sectors, typical of the Nanbokucho period during the 14th century. This was a time marked by the war of secession between the North and the South of the empire which opposed Godaigo to Ashikaga.

The sale combines swords, sabers and firearms. Noteworthy, is a pair of pistols from the Empire period created by arquebusier Brunon – young Caen arquebusier –, estimated €17,500. In this price range, collectors will also be able to compete for a helmet and cuirass from a Russian Imperial Guard Officer of the first quarter of the 20th century. The helmet carries the glorious silver star of the order of St Andrew.

If you’re an horse or Militaria enthusiast, visit Barnebys to check the more than 2,000 lots on offer.