There is no exact translation of the Danish sensation of hygge, but the closest way to describing it is that cosy feeling you get from a warming cup of tea or well-lit intimate room.

For Danes, lighting is one of the core concepts of hygge. From candles to beautiful pendant lights, creating the perfect atmospheric lighting for dinner, reading or entertaining to integral to achieving hygge.

Danes will always light a candle for every meal and floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights and pendants lights will always featured in well-designed homes, creating enchanting pools of light throughout the house.

Inspired by Vendu Notarishuis' Modern Design auction this month, we have selected 3 lamps which would be a perfect way to get your hygge on.

Danish landscape architect Preben Jacobsen joined forces with fellows Danish designer Flemming Brylle to create an array of lamps. This example of one of their pendant lamp designs would sit perfectly above a mid-century Design table.

It's no wonder that the Danes lead the way when it comes to lighting design. Jacobsen trained in horticulture at Kew and landscape architecture at the Danish Royal College of Fine Art. It was Jacobsen's rare talent of being able to landscape the most wondrous and create intuitive design that makes him one of the true great Danish designers.

Artist and designer Flemming Brylle, at the age of 81, is perhaps one of the art and design world's best kept secrets. His work includes commissions for international businesses, creating sculptures and industrial design.

Nothing quite says hygge like bringing the outdoors indoors. Danes are great adventurers and creating a sense of hygge is just as important in the as it is in the forests of Himmerland as it is in the home.

Watching sunset by the lake, drinking spiced hot chocolate by the burning embers of a fire or waking up for a morning hike as the sunrises, chasing the perfect lighting whilst camping for Danes is a truly hygge experience.

This piece here, with a cut shell shape perfectly combines the Danes wanderlust with their love of returning home to settle down with a good book and some cosy socks.

Hygge is innovative - it is all about finding the best way to achieve perfect lighting through sleek design. This lamp by Henri Mathieu perfectly encompasses those Danish ideals.

French designer Henri Mathieu's spiral shell pieces would be the perfect fit to a hygge home. The slotted spiral shapes create a wonderfully soft, warm and coloured light. Mathieu features different colours on the inside of his designs to create different mood lighting effects. Orange and reds create a sense of warmth, whilst purple and blue tones create a calming vibe.

All pieces featured will be part of Vendu Notarishuis' Modern Design auction on 12th June.