The talk was moderated by Sarah Thornton,  author of the international bestseller Seven Days in the Art World.

The discussion opened up questions about the relationship between art and architecture. Charles described the Royal Academy as an ''institution which takes architecture very seriously.'' Saumarez Smith and Alsop discussed the current Ai Weiwei exhibition at The Academy, with Alsop describing how each room ''bleeds into each other but is different.''

Weiwei's presence at the institution, from his curation of the exhibition to the installation of the tree sculptures in the courtyard, highlights the relationship between art and architecture and how some artists, Weiwei included, can be perceived as architects.

Discussion lead to the role of the museum, Alsop, who won the RIBA Stirling Prize for Peckham Library, highlighted how he now feels ''too many museums are endless corridors'' and instead of feeling one should quickly scan the entire museum, there should be more space to sit and ponder a work.

With that in mind, looking arouund, the setting of Phillips Berkeley Square show room is an excellent space to hang the estate of Dr. Frederic S. Brandt and the Contemporary sales.

The Exchange, Edition I was presented by Surface and Phillips.