The ''Skipperara'' got its name from it's association with sailboat racing. The rare piece was commissioned in 1967 to mark Emil Mosbacher's victory on the yacht Intrepid at the America's Cup, which the yachtsman won twice.

The creation of the ''Skipperera'' presented to the world how Heuer was a leader in engineering watch design specific for seafare. The ''Skipperera'' range, made especially for sailboat racing, was entirely new to the market. The watch is now considered to be one of the rarest and most coveted in the world.

The watch was made up until the mid 1980s. What made it so distinctive was the skill Heuer had put into engineering a watch design specifically for boat racing. The ''Skipperera'' is a 15-minute chronograph recorder, with markings on the recorder colour-coded to allow yachtsman to keep track of the countdown to the start of a race. Check out realised prices here.

The Heuer Skipper Carrera Chronograph ref. 7730 featured will be part of Piers Motley Auctions' sale on 26th June, 2017. Check out the full catalogue here.