Think oranges, blues, turquoise, olive green and patterns, all in softer shades in plush fabric such as velvet. Pieces from the 1960s were often finished in rich woods, with circular shapes and forms, making the home warm and inviting.

The era saw a mix in styles, with Victorian pieces sat side by side with Art Nouveau. Pop and Op art influenced interiors, colours of David Hockney's scenes and Andy Warhol's prints along with Bridget Riley's use of pattern spilled into interior design. 

With the opening of Habitat in 1964 by Terence Conran and the introduction of the compact living block by Joe Colombo, design was multi-purpose and functional as well as being carefully sculpted.

The 1960s can not be discussed without celebrating designer David Hicks. His rooms captured the mix of styles and eras synonymous with the sixties, from plastic pieces to rich carpets and woods.

A fascinating design piece from the decade is Peter Murdoch's paper chair. It was designed to last no more than half a year and was decorated in Op art. As fun as this chair was, Barnebys have picked out pieces which are a little longer lasting. Inspired by the era? Don't forget to click on the item to check it out.