20th century Decorative Arts 10th December 2015 at 3pm CET

This rare modernist varnished rosewood sofa rests on four nickel plated skates and was made by Chareau circa 1930. Chareau worked with Le Corbusier in France, which was one of the first modern architects to use new materials, such as glass and steel.

This elegant and rare lamp encased in glass, which has blown and molded, is signed by the master glassmaker Emile Gallé. It has a delicate opaque yellow to orange gradient background finished off with blue and purple rhododendrons.

This rare wrought iron gate is signed "E. Brandt " and was most likely made around 1925. The golden door has been partially hammered to create a winding foliage motif. In the centre sits a a nude dancer with cymbals, a stunning design detail.

This rare and exceptional coffee table design, entitled "Eiffel Tower," was designed by Jean Royere circa 1950. The freeform slate piece is estimated at € 30 000 - 50 000.

Furniture, Works of Art, Paintings - 10th December 19pm CET

This clock, signed Frisard in Rouen, is a great work of both technical and artistic prowess. The cage in which the controller is placed is flanked by two allegorical bronze statues representing the gods Neptune and Mars.

The piece has an excellent provenance, which is reflected in the €90 000 - 100 000 estimate, as it remained in the possession of the descendants of Claude Philibert Barthelot, Earl of Rambuteau (1781-1869.)

Although this pair of cabinet are unsigned, they can be attributed to Monbro Ainé (1807-1884).

Son of Georges-Marie Monbro (1774-1841), the founder of the woodworking business from Malta, Monbro Ainé continued to devlop the family's Paris workshop after the death of his father. In 1870 he opened a London boutique.

This pair of blackened wooden cabinets are decorated with precious stones and estimated at €30 000 - 40 000.

These two columns are finished in white Carrara marble with blue turquin. They rest on bases decorated with panels of sienna yellow. They are from the 19th century and are grand examples of Italian craftsmanship.

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