Atelier house began with a plot of land. The ridge is a mere 500 metres from the west coast beaches and overlooks an enchanting mahogany wood with views to the sea. The owner's design was conceived from the topography of the land, it follows the lines of the boundary but also provides panoramic views of the coastline. The chief inspiration came from South American contemporary architecture, namely Marcio Kogan. Kogan's buildings often feature rectilinear concrete blocks stacked at perpendicular angles and reference 1950's architecture.

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White wash walls allow light to permeate and create a fresh, modern feel. The wonderful double- height living space is lined with tall glass windows and sliding doors. The room's height is a marvel, and coupled with the minimalist furniture and open plan space, devise a striking elegance. The Portuguese limestone surfaces against the white walls coupled with the rectilinear design create a striking graphic quality.

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The owner and Interior Architect, Amanda Snow, curated the interior with a charming mix of Kenyan artifacts from her travels, modern furniture and bespoke designed pieces. The main kitchen features a remarkable specially made white granite work surface and eating area. The living area seamlessly continues to the terrace area and pool, effortlessly assimilating the exterior with the interior. The half-acre gardens are populated with indigenous palms, lilies, bougainvillea and other interesting plants.

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The second 'block' of the building houses four bedrooms. Three on the first floor, climbing the stairs to the fourth you find an enclosed balcony and dramatic open walkway providing optimum sunset views. This leads to a study area that overhangs into the double-height main living area. This mezzanine boasts unrivalled views of the west coast. These rooms flow beautifully into each other and the two staircases make the journey feel complete.

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Elegant, minimalist and unique are words that spring to mind after spending some time in this tranquil and spacious haven. Atelier house owes its charm and character to the owners who worked closely with the Architect, Alistair Downie, to ensure their vision was achieved.

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Atelier House is currently on the market with Sothebys, check it out here.