The aim was and is to seek out fine and distinctive casks to be bottled, drunk and enjoyed on their own individual merits.

The January and February Auctions at McTear's  offer discerning whisky enthusiasts the once in a lifetime chance to turn back time and obtain bottles from the Society's past, dating back as far as the first cask editions.

Thanks to the passion, organisation, and perhaps mild abstemiousness of a private collector who accumulated bottles for many years, McTear's is delighted to offer over 300 different S.M.W.S. cask expressions, including at least 50 "point 1" vintages. A host of drams which many the collector and drinker will have for years assumed had passed into whisky folklore will be offered in the first two auctions of the year, the first taking place on January 14th and the second on February 18th.

As if this cornucopia were not enough to delight drinkers and collectors alike, the January auction also boasts a significant range of fine Macallan expressions. A wide selection of 18 Year Old and 25 Year Old vintages is available, as well as a Millennium 50 Year Old.

The auction takes place on January 14th, so do not miss the opportunity to bid for a wonderful slice of Scottish distilling history. Check out the sale here.