In 2006, the trunk which contained the diamonds was purchased for a mere £100 from the Greenway estate where the author spent her summers from 1938-1976.

Buyer Jennifer Grant, kept the case which was inscribed with the initials 'C.M.M.' which were Christie's mother's initials. Grant had the brass locks opened and uncovered inside a metal strong-box. Inside Grant found the Christie's family jewels including over 50 gold coins, a buckle-shaped brooch and what is thought to be Agatha's mother's diamond engagement ring.


In her autobiography, Christie described some jewellery of her mother's that she and her sister Madge hoped to inherit, including "my diamond buckle, my diamond crescent and my diamond engagement ring."

''My mother sorted amongst an array of odds and ends... all these required hours of sorting before they were packed in the trays in the various trunks."

The diamond brooch has an estimate of £6,000-£8,000 and the diamond ring is estimated at £3,000-£5,000. Although experts have expected they could fetch up to around the £100,000 due to their provenance.