Prader has captured Klimt's most iconic work using live models as her subjects. The series has been created for 2015's Viennese Secessionist-themed Life Ball, the annual ball which raises money and awareness in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Gery Kesler said on behalf of the event: "Breaking out of old ways and advancing one's own individuality and self-determination; this was the core idea of the Viennese Secessionists.''

"The values of the avant-garde movement thus form a wonderful metaphor for the Life Ball, which has fought from its inception both for active steps towards health and for a conscious confrontation with and the overcoming of social barriers, taboos and stigmas."

The photographs have been inspired by Klimt's Golden Phase, from 1899-1910, which includes his best known work The Kiss, 1907-08.

The ethereal yet gothic qualities of Klimt's work lend themselves perfectly to the stunning, contemporary images, making Klimt as relevant in the 21st century as ever.