Ewbank's entertainment memorabilia specialist Alastair McCrea said ''Not all the posters are worth as much as the rare La Dolce Vita, but selling them in a somewhat lesser known online auction was no way for them to achieve their true value.''

"Fortunately, after being tipped off by a kind individual, the lady cancelled the sale and brought the posters to us. La Dolce Vita will be in the first group of 40 to be sold, followed by the remainder in the next sale on February 5 next year."

Harry Potter fans will rejoice as a collection of 20 lots including a deluxe hardback first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, signed by the cast and an embroidered Hogwart's tie, worn on-screen by Hermione in Philosopher's Stone are included in the sale. Emma Watson wore this tie on the train to Hogwarts and in the Great Hall prior to being sorted into houses.  Main cast members were given these ties whilst other members of the cast and extras wore ties with iron-on transfers.

Hermione's quill she used in Professor McGonagall's transfiguration classroom will also be going under the gavel and is estimated at £200-400.


Check out the sale here.