All of Prop Store’s auctions aren’t specific to one movie or series. On the 28th June, it’s time for the large Cinema Poster Live Auction at the London Odeon BFI IMAX. You will be able to bid on 400 rare posters and art works from over 320 films, in person, over the phone or online.

You can expect vintage, vibrant colours, classic movies and old Hollywood movie stars. Let’s take a look at some of the lots!

At an estimate between 200-300 british pounds we have a German film poster for Francis Ford Coppola’s epic Apocalypse Now from 1979. The movie takes place in Vietnam the year 1970, Captain Willard played by Martin Sheen takes a risky and increasingly hallucinatory journey upriver. His mission is to find and kill Colonel Kurtz, played by Marlon Brando, a former prominent officer who has reportedly gone mad. The poster made by artist Bob Peak features Brando’s Colonel Kurtz.

Next, we have a movie poster from the 1966 film Arabesque. The movie stars Hollywood legends Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. When creating the poster the Italian artist Renato Ratini used the American artwork of the two leads by Robert McGinnis, and added a striking and powerful background, creating a contemporary style poster for the British movie campaign. It is, as the poster suggests, Ultra Mod, Ultra Mad and Ultra Mystery!

It sure is the return of the vintage movie poster - just look at this Star Wars: A New Hope poster from 1977, the same year the movie premiered. Created and stored by the artist Tom Chantrell, the poster was printed with a limited number of other copies and was soon replaced by the official Oscar poster as the film was released across the UK. This Star Wars poster in excellent condition has an estimate between 2000-3000 british pounds. May the bidding luck be with you.


Next highlight is the original first release French poster for the 1957 film Funny Face starring one of the greatest icons of the golden age of Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn, as well as the king of the tap shoes Fred Astaire. The film was mostly shot in and around Paris and Hepburn was dressed by couture master Hubert de Givenchy. In the movie, the NYC-based fashion photographer Dick Avery (Astaire) becomes nearly obsessed with the beauty of the shy bookstore employee Jo Stockton (Hepburn). Seeing her potential, he brings her to Paris to make her a successful model. We can’t help but to think pink when seeing this!

This is just a small selection of the great collection over at Prop Store, where you can find more vintage posters from iconic movies such as The Godfather, James Bond, Blues Brothers, Italian Job, Some Like It Hot, La Dolce Vita, Lawrence of Arabia and Jailhouse Rock, to name a few.

Find the entire Prop Store catalog here!