In the 1970s, Abramović's work focused on the objectification of female bodies. Rhythm 0, a six hour performance which took place in Naples in 1974, saw Abramović play 72 objects on a table, from lipstick to a rose, to objects associated with violence such as a knife and even a pistol and bullet. Abramović allowed viewers to do as they desired with the objects on her body.

At one point in the performance, Abramović recalled how one man terrified her during the performance. Marina described how ''he put the bullet in the pistol and put the pistol in my right hand. He moved the pistol toward my neck and touched the trigger.''

To mark 10 years as a performance artist, Abramović created the piece Role Exchange in 1975. Marina travelled to Amsterdam's Red Light district where she met with a prostitute who had been working in the area for 10 years. Abramović literally exchanged places with the prostitute, and took up shop in the window, whilst the other woman was photographed in a gallery.

In Golden Mask, 2009, Marina examines the role of women in art history. For the piece, Abramović dressed all in black against a black background, with only her head visible. Her face was coated in gold leaf and for 30 minutes Abramović stared, unblinkingly, into the camera. The video evoked the frozen images from classical art of women in portraiture. There was something ancient and sacred about the work, whilst at the same time a sense of restraint and beauty.

Golden Mask will be going under the gavel at Aspire Art Auctions' on 17th July, 2017. Check out the full catalogue here.