Irving Penn pigment print from 2007, "Tuberous Begonia"New York, 1973. Estimate  £30-40 000 at Phillips of London.

At Swann Auction Galleries, "Dancer Series (Alexandra Beller, New York)." Estimare $6-9 000.

In the same sale at Swann, Irving Penn's portrait of "John Marin, New York" which is reminiscent of a photographic portrait from the 1800s. The image was originally taken in 1948, but the photograph is developed in 1977. Estimated at $10-15 000.

Irving Penn's portraits of Pablo Picasso from Cannes 1957 is an iconic image which showcases a meeting between two masters. Estimated at €5-8000 at Yann Le Mouel.

Irving Penn "Butchers, Paris" from 1950, on sale at Sotheby's of £15 000 to 20 000.

"Chanel feather headdress (B), New York"1994 by Irving Penn has hung in a European collection until now. On sale at Sotheby's, £15-20 000.

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