A Chinese Order of the Double Dragon medal, diaries, notebooks and other items relating to Harry Sait will be sold at Young's Auctions on April 28.

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The Imperial Order of the Double Dragon was founded by the Guangxu Emperor in 1882 and awarded men for outstanding services to the throne and the Qing court in the late Qing dynasty. In the beginning only men - and a few women for that matter - of foreign origin could be awarded the Chinese Order of the Double Dragon but in 1908 it was extended to Chinese subjects as well.medal

As a Western-style Chinese order the Order of the Double Dragon was established to engage with the West and to follow Western diplomatic practices in the wake of the Second Opium War.


The order was in 1911 replaced by the Grand Order of the Throne, however the Republic of China discontinued the imperial orders after being established in 1912.


This medal up for sale at Young's Auctions is of the fourth class, type 1. A medal awarded to soldiers and non commissioned officers. This one was awarded to Harry Sait, the grandson of Able Seaman Henry Sait who lost his life in the Franklin Expedition sometime after its departure from England in 1845. Harry Sait served with the Imperial Navy before he returned to England in 1889/90.

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