On 16th September there will be objects such as sabres, flintlock pistols, Haute Èpoque weapons and books on the subjects if weapons and hoplology. On 19th, the focus is on an important collection of weapons from the Islamic world, including daggers, scimitars and headgear. In addition to these, there will be flintlock pistols by leading Italian and European gunsmiths. If Saint George were to be confronted with his dragon slaying mission today, he would for sure have a stopover at the auction house bearing his name.

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blog.php Hunting crossbow, complete, lavishly decorated, Southern Germany, circa 1689
Estimated price: € 7 500-10 000

blog-1.php Riding sword, iron basket hilt, excellent condition, Austria, circa 1570
Estimated price: € 1 900-2 400

blog-2.php Hunting knife, gilt foliage, leather covered wood scabbard, Cyrillic inscription, Russia, 19th century
Estimated price: € 1 500-1 800

blog-3.php Sipar, convex-shaped, floral ornaments, India, 19th century
Estimated price: € 2 000-3 000

blog-4.php Wheel-lock carbine, rare type, Venetian Republic, Brescia, circa 1600
Estimated price: € 3 500-5 000

blog-5.php Flintlock gun, Italy Brescia, circa 1700, rare
Estimated price: € 6 000-8 000

blog-6.php Percussion double-barreled rifle, ornaments in gold and silver, Germany, circa 1830
Estimated price: € 3 500-4 000

blog-7.php Pair of flintlock pistols, by H.W. Mortimer & Co, London, Gun Maker to His Majesty (signature on the barrel), England, circa 1800
Estimated price: € 8 500-10 000

blog-8.php Pair of percussion pistols with equipment, walnut burr veneered case, Belgium, 1860, rare
Estimated price: € 20 000-25 000

blog-9.php Important Scimitar, ivory grip and scabbard decorated with coral stones, Austro-Hungarian Empire or Poland, 19th century
Estimated price: € 4 500-6 000

blog-10.php Kandjar, Damascus steel blade, stone grip of the region of Rajasthan, late 18th century
Estimated price: € 5 000-6 000

blog-11.php Important Yatagan, blade made of excellent Damascus steel with gold inlays, high quality, Ottoman Empire, 19th century
Estimated price: € 6 000-8 000

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