Whether you are interested in the armour of European knights or in the legendary swords of the samurais, there is a piece for every collector in the sale this month.

Antique weapons are not only an instrument of war, but also a status symbol, often reserved for the elite of a country. That is exactly why their market value is so strong - they are real pieces of history that have both museums and collectors alike clamouring to acquire them.
As well as pieces from Europe and Japan, there are also weapons and armour from Central and Southeast Asia, China, India, the Middle East, Africa and America.

Check out highlights from the illustrious sale, don't forget to click on the lot for more.

blog.php-768 A fine Shin Shinto (a battle sword) by Nori Mune from Mito, Japan, 3rd quarter of the 19th century Estimate: 11 000 13 000 EUR

blog.php-767 Akagi tsuka tanto, Japan, late 14th century Estimate: 11 000-13 000 EUR

blog.php-766 Tanto with silver Aikuchi, Japan, mid-16th century Estimate: 11 000-13 000 EUR

blog.php-765 A rare Itomaki no tachi, Japan, 19th century Estimate: 14 000-19 000 EUR

blog.php-764 An important samurai armour, Japan, 1st quarter of the 17th century Estimate: 15 000-18 000 EUR

blog.php-762 An important shasqua with 16th century blade, Caucasia Estimate: 12 000-15000 EUR

blog.php-761 A rare painted pavise shield, Austria, ca 1500 Estimate: 12 000-15 000 EUR

blog.php-760 An important flintlock pistol by Felix Meyer, Vienna, 2nd quarter of the 18th century Estimate: 12 000-15 000 EUR

blog.php-759 Pair of cossacks flintlock pistols of very fine quality, Caucasia, early 19th century Estimate: 25 000-30 000 EUR

blog.php-758 Extremely rare sallet from the famous Kuppelmayr collection, Germany, last quarter of the 15th century Estimate: 40 000-50 000 EUR

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